Discover & Learn

We have collected the most important lessons from the most prominent self-help books to guide you through the journey of discovering and understanding yourself and your desires.

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Track & Plan

We developed a system that will help you organize your thoughts, keep track of your present and plan your future. What's special about it is being able to put what you learn into practice.

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Reflect & Analyse

Self- reflecting and analysing what you have done, are doing and will do will help you to always stay on track and to never lose yourself again. It is what keeps the balance between theory and practice.

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Log & Collect

A collection is what we call a tracker or a place where you store or log things that are easy to forget. The purpose of collections is to free up the space in your mind for more important things.

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Write & Grow

Writing on paper, unlike “productivity” apps, has been proven to increase success in building good habits, maintaining creativity and most of all- it is the best way a person can learn critical thinking.

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Orange & Grey

We wanted to go for a more interesting design than the usual monotonous one you see everywhere; a design that reminds you to relax, yet sustains your motivation and reawakens your inner child.

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The NotaBook: Tutorial

NotaBook consists of three sections. Each has its own purpose, but they all follow the same golden principle of NotaBook- tracking and reflecting. We in NotaBook know that what works for someone may not work for everyone, so that is why we made Notabook as personal as possible. The method is simple: After you know what you want and why you want it, Notabook is to also assist you in organizing, tracking, planning and self reflecting, so that you’re always on the right track of your goals, habits and most importantly- yourself. So here is a quick tutorial about each of the sections of NotaBook and how, when and why to use them!

This section is to give you some clarity and guide you, as an individual, through your past, present and future, before you set your long term goals and then helping you break them down to monthly projects and ultimately daily habits.

This section gives you a bird’s eye view of the next 6 months, month, week and day, where you can log your “to-dos”, projects and goals. On top of simple planning, NotaBook is to help you stay positive and motivated by tracking and reflecting.

This section is a collection of fun trackers and special places, where you can keep track of different things. Each one may not make a huge difference by itself, but grouped together they are guaranteed to make your life a little bit more fun and interesting.