A song of trial and error

We are a group of ambitious, handsome young entrepreneurs that have put their heart and soul in making the ultimate tool for enhancing your life.We, the founders of NotaBook, have been obsessed about self-growth, self-development and being productive for years now. But the ugly truth hit us when we realized that we had been more obsessed with the idea of being productive rather than actually being productive. You see, not long ago we didn’t have any direction or set goals in life and we had no idea where to even start or what to do! We were so paranoid of not doing the most meaningful of things, we didn’t do anything. That’s why we created NotaBook – to help all of us get out of this “productivity loop"! We are located in Sofia,Bulgaria.

The business

We are a Self-funded Company

After being given the opportunity to start our very own company, our team of four 17-year-old students didn’t even think twice- we were certain that we were going to make our dream come true: help people in need of a more relaxed and happy life. The First English Language School in Sofia (our high school) together with the Junior Achievement Bulgaria organization gave us the chance to create Notabook and so far we have made some working “prototypes” with which we won the JA Bulgaria's regional competition and we are very positive about winning the upcoming national competition!

Below you can see our progress so far !







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